Does a face mask really make a difference?

Does a face mask really make a difference?

Before Covid-19, the term ‘PPE’ wasn’t in the public vernacular and certainly wasn’t a politicised subject

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, we have all wanted to know whether we should be wearing a mask. 

The Wölfel Paper (a virological assessment of hospitalized patients with COVID-2019) suggests that we must focus our efforts on stopping the spread of droplets. This is because the virus can be transmitted through tiny droplets of saliva ejected when we speak. We also know that these droplets can go significantly further than the 6ft which is incidentally the suggested ‘social distance’ measure. 

Research supported by Nobel prize-winning virologist Harold Varmus tells us that placing a layer of cloth in front of a person’s face stops 99% of the droplets. 

Which mask is best for Covid-19/ Coronavirus?  

FFP1 – a disposable 3-ply mask.  GOOD (filters 80% particles), 

FFP2 – a moulded disposable mask.   (N95) EXCELLENT (filters 94% of particles) 

FFP3  – a moulded valve mask.  (N99) THE BEST (filters 99% of particles) 

We advise that all wearers conduct a ‘Fit Test’ prior to using the mask in line with HSE Guidelines. For more information on Fit Testing face masks to avoid transmission during the Covid-19/ Coronavirus outbreak please visit 

In short, anything is better than nothing; we want all of our clients and staff to stay safe.

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